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Playback buffer improvements#78

While playing back videos on when the player runs out of buffer, it pauses until the data just comes into it in order to resume playback. This can cause an issue, where the buffer is filled just enough to get fraction of the second of playback before it pauses again. This makes using player very difficult to use as all of the controls are deactivated for a tiny moment when the playback stops due to lack of data in the buffer, or when it resumes playback when there’s video data in it. At least YouTube doesn’t have that issue, since while its player also pauses when the it runs out of data in the buffer, the difference here is the fact that it will wait until the buffer is large enough to get smooth playback while refreshing the buffer at the same time.

4 years ago

This should have been fixed a long time ago. If you are still running into issues please make a new ticket

7 months ago
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